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Innovative design and engineering solutions that meet our customers specific sterilization requirements.


ARS/BP Sterilizers are assembled using standard or custom designed Beverly Pacific pressure vessels manufactured to ARS specifications using the Beverly Pacific proprietary wedge lock door, believed to be the most reliable door lock mechanism with the fewest moving parts on the market.

The cost of a sterilizer is made of its original equipment price plus the cost of parts and labor over its 15 to 30 year life span. To ensure low cost of ownership, ARS uses all non-proprietary, off-the-shelf, premium, industrial grade components available from ARS or trusted local distributors. In addition, ARS direct labor rates are  highly competitive.

New units include a 2-year parts and labor warranty and 15-year warranty on new pressure vessels.

ARS Sterilizers are also available as custom assembled remanufactured units. We utilize used pressure vessels provided by our customers or from our inventory, which are fully refurbished and re-pressure tested in our factory per original ASME specifications.

Freestanding Sterilizers



State-of-the-Art Frontier 2020™PLC control system.


ARS innovated sterilizer control systems in the mid-1980s  with what is believed to have been the first PLC based  sterilizer controller. Continuously upgraded and improved,    it is now known as the Frontier 2020™sterilizer control system. ARS offers new cGMP sterilizers with BP pressure vessels or remanufactured cGMP sterilizers with Frontier 2020™ controls.  All are custom assembled to individual customer requirements. 


All known cycle types are available including:

• Prevacuum
• Liquid
• Liquid AOP
• Liquid SAM
• Cascading Water

• EN-285 Capability

• F  Controlled



Frontier 2020™Controller HMI


SIP Air-in-Filter

with RTD


Water Sensor in Drain/

EN285 Air Detect Assembly



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