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A Matter of Degrees.

Welcome to ARS.


ARS ENTERPRISES was founded in 1971 as an independent field service company serving the healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical diagnostics industries. In 1975 the company incorporated and began offering custom manufacturing as a very specialized service to its customers. In 1985, the company acquired the

rights to the pressure vessel designs of Beverly Pacific and engaged the services of an ASME certified welding shop to custom fabricate to

order for ARS customers.


To meet the needs  of  its customers, ARS is also a manufacturer's representative and distributor for

a variety of cleaning, sanitization and sterilization equipment. With sales representatives throughout North America, SWASH™ Sanitizing Equipment offers products from specialized manufacturers throughout North America  and Europe to the healthcare industries.

As the ultimate service, ARS custom manufactures autoclaves in its Beverly Pacific division to meet the unique needs of microbiology labs, pharmaceutical firms, biotech companies, nutraceutical companies, medical device, medical diagnostics and cosmetics manufacturers. Using ASME pressure vessels manufactured by independent certified ASME shops, ARS assembles finished units at its facility in Paramount, CA where they are operated

and tested for full functionality.



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